Open every Wednesday @ 17h30 and Friday @ 17:00 (ONLY closed on Public Holidays) until 20h30 from the Hams Sports Club site. Come and activities 1join us at the Clubhouse for a bit of relaxation and sharing of hunting, reloading or firearm enthusiast yarns.


All welcome!

We also offer a monthyl Steak Evening from the private clubhouse site of the Duke at Hams (next to squash courts). 


Catered Evenings 2020


Every first Friday of the month. Everybody welcome, Please bring your friends along!activities 2

  • R110 for the Steak, Salad and Chips.
  • Various other menu options on offer by the Woodcutters Caterers,

We also looking at seasonal specials like Curry Evenings and Eisbein Evenings.